General Assembly annual report

Brilliance of Hormozgan Cement Co. in Production and Export

Report of the managing director in the annual ordinary general meeting ending on 21 Nov., 2014
Managing director of Hormozgan Cement Co. stated: “The company’s success is the result of effort & activities of the board of directors, managers and laborers of the company in the year of “Economy & Culture, with National Determination and Jihad Management”.
Dr. Vahid Zakeri, referring to the fact that the company’s mission in the current year, further to performing its regular duties, was focused on scientific, regulated and inclusive considerations, added: “In this line, by comprehensive, careful and knowledgeable reviews, it has taken steps for pursuance of the company’s strategic goals in relation to the design and development of its strategic plan and we have succeeded in obtaining ISIRI 13000 Standard”.
He stated that: “Insight and strategy of the board of directors, is precise, continuous and regulated observation of all aspects of the company including the human resources sector. From this aspect, human resources are considered as the most important capital of the company and the human resources capability promotion approach, through structural amendments, value creation promotion of the resources, welfare and motivation activities and finally promotion of productivity, aiming at protection and value creation for the stakeholders particularly the respectable shareholders, is, as usual, in the agenda.
Dr. Zakeri stated: “In the current year, improper increase of prices and reduction of the sale quantity of cement, due to the reduction of market capacity in south country areas and increase of production expenses, thanks to the prudence of the board of directors, day & night efforts of the devoted personnel of the production field in the company, did not cause a reduction in value creation for the respectable shareholders and despite existence of numerous fluctuations in the inputs & outputs of the business environment, the results of performance of the colleagues in the current year, indicate that a firm, dynamic and flexible foundation has been institutionalized in the infrastructures and mechanisms of Hormozgan Cement Company.

Referring to the fact that the company did not neglect its social responsibility towards the living environment and local communities, he stated: “ We have always tried to consider the moral principle with sensitivity in relation to the social, cultural and environmental problems and to exert a positive impact on the work, community and employees, by taking an active position.
The managing director of Hormozgan Cement Co., added : “ In the next fiscal year, thanks to the efforts of the managerial team, experienced and young colleagues, we intend to create fundamental changes for scientific recognition of market, establishment of efficient communication with different groups of customers and expansion of the scope of marketing activities.
Referring to the company’s record – breaking in the field of cement production and export in the country, Dr. Zakeri mentioned: “ In 2014 fiscal year, approx. 1, 875,000 tons of clinker, 1,064,000 tons of cement, were produced and more than 512,000 tons of clinker was exported in the reported fiscal year.

“He stated: “ In 2014 fiscal year, equivalent of 25% of the company’s operations & activities, were focused on the export field.
Also, the sale in the said year, had 30% growth compared to the previous fiscal year. Managing director of Hormozgan Cement, while referring to the fact that the company had no outstanding debt against its employees, added:
“In the production field, during the reported fiscal year, we had a historical record- breaking among the cement companies.
Dr. Zakeri, stated : “Regarding the issue of environment protection and social responsibility, Hormozgan Cement Co., has made enormous investments, which the most important strategic projects, is the execution of the desalination project with capacity of 5000 cubic meters per day, which highly contributes to the region and to the living environment. “ As one of the goals in the next fiscal year, he referred to the production of 2,100,000 tons of cement and clinker and stated : “Out of this quantity, approx. 1,700,000 tons are related to cement and 400,000 tons are related to clinker.
He pointed out: “ In this report, we are not only looking for a list of successes, rather we take it as an opportunity for intellectual involvement of the shareholders in some of activities of the colleagues for purpose of obtaining your valuable advices for correction of strategies, leading to the continuation of value creation for stakeholders.
Dr. Zakeri, while appreciating the efforts of all managers and his colleagues particularly, Dr. Motaghian, regarded the resulting achievements as being the outcome of consensus and mutual understanding among all colleagues particularly the former managing director of the company, Dr. Mohammad Bagher Aali.
Managing director of Hormozgan Cement Co., finally mentioned :
“By following the proposed direction in the current year and next years, we will achieve the pre-scheduled plans and by implementing the slogan:
“Honesty in speech, sincerity in behavior and seriousness in work”
by the laborers of this company, we shall take effective steps for purpose of promotion of the national interests of our country.