The idea for the current Hormozgan Cement factory had been considered since 1963, however, the actual project was established after Islamic Revolution of Iran. The presence of appropriate and abundant reserves of marley and limestone, a short distance from the Shahid Rajayee and Shahid Ba Honar ports, and easy access to free waters have provided a unique position for the Hormozgan Cement Co.
In the initial factory design, a production of 3000 tons per day was planned, but later due to market demand the production was raised to 6000 MT. Line 1 and 2 with the production capacity of 3000 MT per day were put into operation in 1997 and 1999 respectively.
Today, with the capacity to produce more than 6000 MT per day, Hormozgan Cement Co, is one of the biggest cement factories in Iran and has a especial position in Iran’s cement industry.


Although cement’s unique characteristics has made it one of the most popular construction materials, it’s worth noting that despite outside similarities, most cements that are introduced to the market are made of different composing ingredients with different applications. Furthermore, the variation in the raw materials quality, technology, the process and the production quality of factories, makes the outputs of factories different from each other. Thus, with the support of professional personnel, advanced technology, and enforcing strict quality control, Hormozgan Cement co. has been able to produce a unique product with above standard features, which is compatible with the hot and moisturized environment, with the help of other supplements (water, and reachable sand and grit). Therefore, in order to help the customers chose and make a good use of this construction material, the Hormozgan Cement Company likes to introduce the characteristics of its various produced cements.

Portland Cement Type I Portland Cement Type II
Portland Cement Type I Portland Cement Type II

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