Comprehensive Management System Policy

Hormozgan Cement Company with two production lines of 3000 tons and annual production of 2 million tons of all types of Portland, Portland Pozzolan cements, suitable to the customers’ needs, Organizational capability and in compliance with the world standards, while maintaining and developing the local market as back-up for the development of the south of the country and benefitting from the privileges existing in the area, intends to keep the following commitments as priorities in its framework of activities, while observing all related legal requirements and considering the following slogan:

Hormozgan Cement , Symbol of Solidity & Strength

۱- Observing the rights of all stakeholders including the customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and local communities and improvement of interaction, endeavor for purpose of recognition and meeting their present and future needs and promotion of their satisfaction

۲-Making effort for growth of capabilities of human resources and effective attraction of their participation in the decision making process of the Organization.

۳- Special attention to the expansion of business in the local and foreign sectors & development of the market share.

۴-Improvement of the features of the manufactured products through promotion of their quantitative and qualitative characteristics and variety.

۵- Revision & permanent improvement of the Organization’s processes for purpose of achievement of quality, environment, safety, health & energy goals and assurance about existence of information and sources for their realization.

۶-Effective use of hardware & software facilities suitable for optimization and updating of infrastructures.

۷- Promotion of quality orientation, environmental, safety, job health and optimum energy consumption culture.

۸- Endeavor for purpose of reduction of safety & health damage, reduction of environmental pollutions, effective waste management and optimum management of resources and energy in all activities of the Organization.

۹- Endeavor for purpose of creation of a clean, healthy and safe working environment.

۱۰- Commitment in relation to compliance with all legal requirements & other requirements in the field of quality, safety, health, environment and energy, the fulfillment of which, has been undertaken by the Organization.

۱۱- Paying attention to the energy criteria in supply of goods & services by the Organization.

The senior management of the Organization deems itself committed to take into consideration the requirements and demands of all managerial systems including ISO, ISO9001: 2008CE,ISO50001, OHSAS18001:2007, 14001: 2004, arrangement system ISIRI 13000 and HSE-MS, while taking an integrated and systematic approach in the Organization management and developing a suitable structure and by applying conclusive support and protection, is assured about the effective implementation of this policy and continuous improvement in all the above fields.