لينك ادامه
The idea for the current Hormozgan Cement factory had been considered since 1963, however, the actual project was established after Islamic Revolution of Iran. The presence of appropriate and abundant reserves of marley and limestone, a short distance from the Shahid Rajayee and Shahid Ba Honar ports, and easy access to free waters have provided a unique position for the Hormozgan Cement Co.
In the initial factory design, a production of 3000 tons per day was planned, but later due to market demand the production was raised to 6000 MT. Line 1 and 2 with the production capacity of 3000 MT per day were put into operation in 1997 and 1999 respectively.
Today, with the capacity to produce more than 6000 MT per day, Hormozgan Cement Co, is one of the biggest cement factories in Iran and has a especial position in Iran’s cement industry.
Geographical Location and Neighboring with international Markets
As already mentioned, the strategic location of the plant and its short distance from the Persian Gulf and thus, a good access to the international market including the markets of Arabic countries, West Africa and South East Asia, provide a competitive advantage. i.e. short delivery timing and lower shipping costs for the company. Furthermore, being close to the new and high consuming domestic markets such as Kish and Qeshm free zones, as well as Bandar Abbas, the capital of the Hormozgan Province, has provided a safe, continual and booming domestic market for the company
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