Celebrating the retired personnel of Hormozgan Cement
Celebrating the retired personnel of Hormozgan Cement
Mr. Rahmanzadeh, CEO of Hormozgan Cement, congratulated Ramadan on the occasion of the anniversary of the epic of Khorramshahr, thanked the glorious presence of the Iranian nation in the presidential election and re-elected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and expressed his hope that the people's reliance on the discourse of rationality and Moderation and reform of the state with the more cabinet will facilitate and accelerate the path of development.
Recalling the goals of the ceremony celebrating retirees, he remarked: "Celebration of the retirees is a necessary thing in terms of human dignity, and this issue will inspire the spirit of vitality and enhance the motivational background in the organization."
He described human power as the driving force behind every organization and its main capital, and expressed the hope that colleagues would be systematically using them with a thorough knowledge of their expertise and at the same time emotional connection to the collection.
He called on the Executive Vice President to use this valuable asset in cases of outsourcing or company projects and plans.
At the end of the day, Mr. Rahmanzadeh paid tribute to the Lord Almighty for the honor and efforts of the retired people.
:date 2017/06/27
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