Continuous support of Hormozgan Cement Co. from Golrizan celebration of Bandar Khamir
Continuous support of Hormozgan Cement Co. from Golrizan celebration of Bandar Khamir
According to the Cement News Agency of Public Relations and International Affairs of Hormozgan Cement Company, the ceremony focused on assisting and arresting prisoners of inanimate crimes and hoping that part of the problem would be resolved with the help of the benefactors in the Kham River with the presence of the governor and The officials of the departments and a group of the charitable city, with the support of Hormozgan Cement Company, were held annually according to the routine.
In this ceremony, Mohammad Mulla'i, governor of Khomeer, said: "This ritual has been held annually by Dyah's headquarters, with the aim of attracting donations to eliminate the intruder's mismanagement of prisoners for reasons such as neglecting driving guidance, negligence and inaccuracy in doing Workshops and humanitarian work in the payment of divorce and maternity will have to endure long-term suffering and imprisonment in Ramadan.
Governor of Bandar Khamir, on the sidelines of Golrizan celebration, praised Hormozgan Cement Co., "It is a pleasure to see that the Hormozgan Cement Company is always the leader and helper in the good work.
:date 2017/06/02
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