Holding a meeting of the new member of the Board of Directors of the Hormozgan Cement
Holding a meeting of the new member of the Board of Directors of the Hormozgan Cement
The meeting of the Board of Directors of Hormozgan Cement Company was held on 26/04/1396 with the presence of Mr. Dr. Askari, CEO of the Holding Investment Company of Hormozgan Cement Company. Dr. Askari stated during his speech that according to the recommendation of the Stock Exchange and the organization of the stock exchange companies, the companies are obliged to reduce the members of their board of directors. Accordingly, on the basis of this recommendation, it was decided that an obligated member of the Hormozgan Cement Company Which is a volunteer company. As a result, Mr. Rahmatinia will be a member of the Foreign Ministry and you will be introduced to the position of Mr. Manshan as his non-executive member.
In the end, he thanked Mr. Rahmatynaia for his excellent work.
In the following, Mr. Rahmanzadeh, Vice President and CEO of the company expressed appreciation for the efforts and efforts of Mr. Rahmatin Nia, who expressed hope that he will continue to be the Deputy Commercial Director and Deputy Executive Director of the company with the continuation of the service as in the past, the origin of the transformation and Progress.
He also enjoyed goodwill with Mr. Iran, and also wished Mishalaliyah good luck.
:date 2017/07/18
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