School Bus Reversal the student of Hormozgan Province
School Bus Reversal the student of Hormozgan Province
A horrific incident for Hormuzgan girl students; at around 4am on Friday morning, a bus with 45 passengers carrying students from Rudan and Minab, moving from Bandar Abbas to Shiraz, was overthrown on the Darab-Bandar Abbas axis, which was followed by this The incident According to recent reports, up to this moment, 10 people were killed and 35 were injured.
With the announcement of the overthrow of the bus and the death of several Hormozgan students, the prominent figures in our country, with the publication of messages on social networks, condemned the deaths of Hormozgan students in this catastrophic incident.
The Public Relations Unit of Hormozgan Cement Company, in turn, condoned this anniversary to all the compatriots, especially the people of Hormozgan province.
:date 2017/09/01
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